Building Process & Design Overview


Designing your new home is one of the most important steps in the building process. It involves closely looking at your needs, tastes, living style, building site and economics. All of our work is custom designed and we offer the enclosed house plans only as ideas to help you get started. We enjoy the fact that each house we build is unique and offers the challenging opportunity to problem solve and find the best solution for you. We are able to provide design services to you, or to work with either your drawings or your architects in constructing your home.



Our frames are typically constructed of oak, pine, hemlock or spruce. Oak is the most popular due to its structural strength and rich color and grain when oiled. Cherry, maple and butternut are also available and often used to provide accent to a particular room. Our posts are typically 8” x 8” timbers and our floor joists and purlins are 6” x 8” though these may vary depending on your frame. We plane, chamfer and oil our timbers to bring out the grain and accent their lines. We also offer straight or curved knee braces and gunstock posts as options.



All of our frames are designed and cut using traditional joinery methods. Our joints are fully housed and shouldered and we use interlocking joints and pegs to hold the frame together.


Cutting & Raising

Our frames are cut at our shop in Arlington, VT and trucked to your site for bent assembly and raising. A frame typically will take 3-5 weeks to cut depending on its size and complexity and 1 week to assemble and raise. All of our frames are raised with a crane to insure safety. We will need your site to be accessible to trucks, a crane, your foundation to be in and backfilled and your first floor decking installed according to specifications we can provide.


Pricing for Frames

Our frames are priced by the square footage of living space, type of wood used and the complexity of the frame. Once a design is firmed up we will provide you with a contract price for the frame. The price will include a framing plan, all timbers, labor for cutting and erecting the frame and trucking and crane costs. Our investment in specialized quality tools, low overhead and a hard working crew enables us to offer these frames at a price competitive to other building methods of similar quality in terms of workmanship and energy efficiency.


Other Services Offered

  • Depending on your needs, we are able to offer you the following additional services in constructing your home:
  • Design drawings, including floor plans and elevations.
  • Consultation in choosing the right insulating system for your home
  • Consultation for your subcontractors who may have questions on working with post and beam
  • Installation of the insulation system of stress skin panels specifically designed for post and beam.
  • General contracting services in southwestern Vermont ranging from providing you with an enclosed shell to finished construction.